The Right Packaging Equipment Matters

Selecting which packaging equipment to purchase is a major decision. You need machinery that matches not only your products and packaging, but also the layout of your warehouse, staff size and skill sets, automation needs, and more, all while reducing dreaded downtime. Our experts help you source the equipment required to succeed while meeting your cost needs.

Technology is always evolving. That’s why customers rely on Summit for information on the latest equipment, software, printers, and accessories that can improve your operation. Plus, we partner with the leading manufacturers in the industry, so you have ready access to virtually any type of machine you need. Our equipment selection process includes:

  • Product research – We review product specifications and features to ensure they match what you want from your package line.
  • Machine sizing – The right machines are designed specifically for each application. We recommend selecting one based on how much material it will handle per hour or day, as well as its maximum output capacity.
  • Cost analysis – Your budget plays an important role when choosing new equipment. Moreover, if you’re looking at purchasing multiple pieces of equipment, our team helps determine whether buying them together makes sense.

We work closely with you throughout this entire process to make sure you get exactly what you need. Contact us today!

Of course, all machines and equipment must be regularly maintained to keep them humming, and our experienced service team can help with that, too.


Types of Packing Equipment

Summit offers a full range of quality packaging machines:

Automatic and Semi Baggers
We source hand-loaded, semi-automatic, and fully automatic bagging equipment and systems for operations of all sizes.

Infeeds, Scales, Counters, and Conveyors
These machines can significantly reduce production time and costs while keeping accurate inventory counts and measurements.

Void-Fill Cushioning
Protect your products while saving on shipping and materials costs with equipment that uses lightweight void-fill cushioning and other flexible protective packaging.

Vacuum Packaging
Vacuum package machines keep food products fresh and safe while extending shelf life. They also have many industrial uses including creating airtight seals for non-food products that must remain sterile.

Food Processing
The best food processing equipment maintains freshness, makes precise cuts, and increases the visual appeal of your products. We offer many types of slicers, grinders, mixers, bulkers, patty machines, and more for both wholesale and retail food operations.

Case Erecting and Sealing
Folding boxes by hand can be expensive, slow, and labor intensive. Semi or fully-automated case erecting and sealing machines solve that problem. They also improve ergonomics for your technicians and save valuable floor space in your warehouse.

Printers and Imprinters
Printers and imprinters print directly onto packages during the bagging process saving you money while taking up less warehouse space. Some even print on both sides of a bag at once for greater productivity. We’ll help you select a machine that smoothly integrates with your existing system for a seamless upgrade.

Summit also carries all the packaging materials your equipment needs.


Industry Uses for Packaging Equipment

Food packaging equipment

Any food product producer knows that their process must include the right food packaging equipment. Processed foods require special handling because they contain ingredients such as oils, fats, sugars, salt, and preservatives. The type of packaging required depends upon what kind of ingredient it contains. From baggers to sealers, food producers need a wide range of lasting equipment to package their goods properly.

Fruit and vegetable packaging equipment

Fruit and vegetable packaging equipment is one of the most important tools in any fruit packing line. It is used to pack fruits and vegetables into boxes, cartons, bags, and containers. This equipment is used to pack fruits like apples, oranges, pears, peaches, cherries, plums, apricots, nectarines, and more.

Bakery packaging equipment 

Bakery packaging equipment is used to package breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, pies, etc. These machines are designed to make sure that the bakery products are packaged properly so that they are not damaged during shipping, and delivered to the customer in perfect condition.

Meat packaging & processing equipment

If you’re in the meat industry and looking to add some new processing equipment to your business, let us help you find the best solution for your needs. We offer a wide range of meat packaging and processing machinery. We have helped meat processors all over the northwest region automate their processes, saving money and time.

Seafood packaging equipment

Processed seafood requires specific packaging techniques to prevent spoilage. Seafood processors use different kinds of machinery to cut, cure, smoke, cook, freeze, and then wrap them in plastic before sending them out to customers. We can provide you with everything you need to process seafood safely and efficiently.

Industrial packaging equipment

Industrial equipment is used to package a wide variety of products. The most common types are:

  • Blow-fill, stretch blow molding machines for producing plastic bottles and jars.
  • Flexible pouches made from polyethylene or other plastics.
  • Carton making machinery such as the cartoner, packer, folder/gluer, strapper, etc.
  • Packaging lines that produce boxes, trays, bags, cans, tubes, etc., using various methods including injection molding of thermoplastic materials into a wide variety of shapes.

Plus, we have an extensive line of custom designed products to meet your specific needs.


We’re here to take the intimidation out of automation.


Packaging Equipment You Can Count On

Summit believes that when our customers win, we all win. That’s why we offer the best equipment from the best companies, in addition to our incredible service. Our long-term relationships with the following industry-leading equipment manufacturers shows our commitment to providing lasting and effective packaging equipment solutions.

As a full-service company, we also sell packaging materials and offer equipment service and support. Whether you bought the machine with us or another vendor, we are committed to your success.

Frequently Asked Questions about Packaging Equipment

“Packaging” refers to any type of material used to protect goods during transportation and storage. This includes items like crates, pallets, shipping containers, and even cardboard boxes. Machines that package products are called packaging equipment. Packaging protects your product against damage caused by rough handling during transport. It also helps keep it fresh longer, so you don’t lose sales due to spoiled food.

There are several factors that can indicate whether your current packaging equipment is outdated. First, it’s worth checking to see if the manufacturer supports your equipment. In some cases, manufacturers won’t support older models and instead shift the responsibility of support to the customers. If you have had problems maintaining your current equipment over the years, then it may be worth investing in new packaging equipment or at least exploring the option of upgrading. Other reasons why you might want to consider upgrading your old packaging equipment are that some older models cannot produce certain types of packaging due to their design limitations and that newer designs often incorporate features that were unavailable before.

When choosing which new model to purchase, you will first need to determine your specific needs. Are you looking for something simple or complex? Do you require high speed production capabilities or just basic sealing functions? Once you’ve determined exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll be able to narrow down your search by considering various options available on the market today.

The price of a new packaging system depends largely upon how much functionality it offers. Some systems come preassembled while others must be custom built. In either case, most of the costs associated with buying new packaging equipment fall under two categories: initial setup expenses and ongoing maintenance outlays. Setup costs include everything necessary to prepare your facility for operation including installation of electrical wiring, ventilation, and other requirements.

The process of buying new packaging equipment can seem daunting at first because many people don’t realize all the factors involved. Fortunately, we make it easy! We offer to send out a sales expert and one of our technicians for a free evaluation of your facility. They will work as a team to learn your processes and determine exactly what equipment you need to streamline your packaging process.