Flexible packaging is quite often the name of the game when it comes to pet food. When we talk about “pet food”, this includes a wide variety of products, including dry kibble, wet foods, rawhide treats, and so much more. Your business may have developed the perfect pet food product, but the right packaging is what will compel pet owners to purchase. Prior to selecting equipment, our team will ensure that you are supplied with the perfect materials for your products. 

Once we have determined what materials are most suitable to package your product, it’s crucial to select the best pet food packaging machinery to do the job. There are many factors to consider:

  • Rate of production
  • Space availability
  • Level of automation
  • ROI

Summit’s technical experts can help you select the best pet food packaging equipment for your unique goods. If you have been struggling to find the equipment that works for your specific needs, then you have found the perfect partner with Summit. We specialize in custom solutions and have not only a team of seasoned Sales Reps, but the engineering capabilities to develop the right solution.

Wet and Dry Food Packaging Equipment

Whether your business produces one kind of pet food or a whole line of products, it’s crucial to understand what type of equipment is going to best serve your needs. If you are packaging wet pet food, there is a higher consideration for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and vacuum sealing capabilities. Machines that can handle these requirements include:

  • VFFS/HFFS Equipment
  • Rollstock Packaging Equipment
  • Chamber Vacuum Sealers
  • Pouch Filling Equipment

Dry pet foods like kibble and biscuits require different capabilities for filling and sealing. Stand-up pouches are a common solution for these types of products. The required volume and level of production are details that are of high importance when determining the right pet food packaging equipment. Some equipment options that may be suitable for this type of operation include:

  • Continuous Band-sealer
  • Rotary Pouch Fillers
  • Scaling/Weighing Systems
  • Linear Pouch Fillers

The Whole Package

These options vary in their levels of automation. When working with Summit, we will take the time to get to know your unique business needs, so we are able to recommend the ideal pet food packaging equipment for you. We have technical expertise in working with the highest quality machinery and will work closely with your team to install, train with, and maintain the equipment to keep your operation running smoothly. 

Looking for pet food packaging equipment? Summit Packing can provide you with the perfect system for your business. With access to the highest quality materials and machinery, we will partner with you to produce products that will keep pet owners coming back for more.