Our decades of experience in industrial packaging machine engineering, design, installation, integration, and maintenance will help you achieve the best results for your operation. Our goal is your goal; a seamless production line that meets your current needs and grows with your company.

Case forming and sealing

How do you increase your throughput and boxes per minute? A case former is a perfect solution. Case formers automatically erect a flattened box into a ready-to-pack box, then seal the box so it is ready for shipment. They can also work with multiple flute sizes and box dimensions.

This industrial packaging machine reduces the handling of boxes, increases your boxes per minute, reduces the number of jams to a minimum, and allows for a fast, intuitive changeover. This solution works well for companies that are fully automating their lines, while also allowing them the room to grow. Pin & dome machines like those from Wexxar, provide a superior output while maximizing their uptime.

Bagging equipment

An autobag or bag-on-a-roll industrial packaging machine automatically opens your rollstock bags, keeps the top of it open for the product to be loaded and sealed, then the next bag is brought forward to the bagging area.

Summit Packaging integrates autobag machinery with your infeed systems like automatic piece counters, product scaling systems, and volumetric auger fillers. We can also add an in-line thermal transfer printer to include variable information for each bag. You can also pre-print company and product information on the bags, so they are retail-ready. Our solutions allow you to pack more bags per minute and increase total output while also reducing your workers' repetitive motion. 

The autobag machine has a smaller footprint and can handle a wide variety of bag sizes and thicknesses. As a testament to its versatility, it also allows rapid changeover between jobs. 

Product identification equipment

Need to print a 3D barcode or sell-by-date on your package? Product identification equipment allows you to print your information directly onto the packaging with incredible accuracy and legibility. When integrated into your production line, this type of industrial packaging machine enhances your packaging process. 

It offers a clean and simple ink refill as well as solvent, and makes job set-up and changeovers a breeze. 

Product inspection and checkweighing

How much is your business losing to product giveaway? By integrating product inspection equipment or checkweighing equipment, you can ensure that your customer receives all the product promised on the packaging, but no more. 

Summit will help you easily integrate this packaging equipment solution into your current production facility.