Our team will help you overcome your toughest packaging equipment challenges with customized solutions designed just for your business. Whether your packaging needs are cutting edge or simple, we can handle them. From form-fill-seal, filling and dosing, case packing, wrapping, and bundling, or something off the wall, Summit's technical expertise in food packaging equipment will help your business improve ROI in your production and packaging processes. Even if you're simply upgrading existing machines, our experts will find the right solution for your needs.

General food packaging equipment

Quality, precision, and productivity are essential for success in your industry. With modern manufacturers needing viable solutions for their product–to–pallet packaging that address sanitization, sustainability, labor, parts and maintenance, along with efficient production and throughput, Summit has many options available. We have everything from fully automated, product to pallet, food packaging machine lines, to custom, innovative solutions for food product packaging. We offer the leading technologies you want that will take your production operations further than you thought possible.

Our food packaging equipment is built to last and can be easily integrated into any facility. From small scale, single unit systems to larger multi-unit systems, we have the experience and expertise to make sure you get the best quality, most cost-effective solutions. 

Fruit packaging equipment

The fruit industry has high standards, and we fully understand what it takes for your fruit packaging equipment to exceed those standards. Today's fruit packaging machines help extend the freshness of your fresh fruit products. Fruit and veg packing machinery provide convenient, safe, efficient packaging which guarantees longer shelf life and reduces waste overall. Summit has been providing fruit packaging equipment for decades, using our extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best customer service and advice on all aspects of your production line.

Equipment examples:

  • APS FAS with Leibinger
  • Paxion and Matrix Vertical and Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (v-f-f-s, h-f-f-s)
  • APM Band Sealers
  • Ultrasource Print and apply labelers

Vegetable packaging equipment

Vegetables are one of the most perishable foods, but they also happen to be some of the most popular. Produce growers need to ensure that their product remains fresh as long as possible so they can maximize profits. Quality vegetable packaging equipment solutions help your business to retain the quality of your vegetable food products while maintaining the integrity of the packaging, thus saving money and time. Summit’s vegetable packaging equipment solutions help your operation get your vegetables to market faster and fresher.

Bakery/bread packaging equipment

Bakery packaging equipment is used to package breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, pies, etc. These machines are designed to make sure that the bakery products are packaged properly so that they are not damaged during shipping and delivered to the customer in perfect condition. The process involves a number of steps including slicing, weighing, mixing, baking, cooling, packaging, labeling and sealing. Our bakery packaging equipment solutions are designed with these steps in mind, ensuring that the end result is a delicious, nutritious and attractive product.


Equipment examples:

  • Paxiom h-f-f-s
  • Hinds Bock Dispensers/Fillers
  • Ultrasource Print and apply labelers