Summit Packaging is the Pacific Northwest Autobag supplier and your single source for a complete packaging system that combines materials, equipment, and best-in-class service. Switching to Autobag stock bags from generic poly bags-on-a-roll helps customers optimize throughput while reducing waste and simplifying changeover. 

What are Autobags?

Autobags bags-on-a-roll are pre-formed bags connected end to end at a perforation and rolled onto a spool. They are loaded onto an Autobag machine that dispenses them one at a time, automatically opening the bag, allowing an operator or an auto-loading machine to load the product into it. A heating element then seals the bag. Genuine Autobags allow for a consistent, high-quality seal on every bag.

Benefits of Autobags

Using Autobags within a complete Autobag system saves a tremendous amount of time and money through reduced labor costs. Also, genuine Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll are system matched and guaranteed to work with authentic Autobag equipment. When you combine them with a labeler, you can have a complete print and pack station, run by a single employee or even completely automated. Autobag machines are also designed with safety and ergonomics in mind. 

Over the years, Autobags have established themselves as the reliable and flexible bagging solution.

Types of Autobag bags available

We provide the highest quality packaging materials and some of the shortest lead times, getting you the materials you need when you need them. Summit Packaging carries a wide range of Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll sizes for a wide range of bag applications.

You can see a full list of bags here: