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Selecting which packaging equipment to purchase is a major decision. You need machinery that matches not only your products and packaging, but also the layout of your warehouse, staff size and skill sets, automation needs, and more — all while reducing dreaded downtime. Our experts help you source the equipment required to succeed.

Like your business needs, technology is always evolving. That’s why customers rely on Summit for information on the latest equipment, software, printers, and accessories that can improve your packaging operation. Plus, we partner with the leading manufacturers in the industry, so you have ready access to virtually any machine you need.

Of course, all machines and equipment must be regularly maintained to keep them humming, and our experienced service team can help with that, too.

Decrease Downtime
with Reliable Equipment

Summit offers a full range of quality packaging machines:

Semi/Automatic Baggers

We source hand-loaded, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic bagging equipment and systems for packaging operations of all sizes.

Infeeds, Scales, Counters, and Conveyors

These machines can significantly reduce production time and costs while keeping accurate inventory counts and measurements.

Void-Fill Cushioning

Protect your products while saving on shipping and materials costs with equipment that uses lightweight void-fill cushioning and other flexible protective packaging.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging machines keep food products fresh and safe while extending shelf life. They also have many industrial uses including creating airtight seals for non-food products that must remain sterile.

Food Processing

The best food processing equipment maintains freshness, makes precise cuts, and increases the visual appeal of your products. We offer many types of slicers, grinders, mixers, bulkers, patty machines, and more for both wholesale and retail food operations.

Case Erecting and Sealing

Folding boxes by hand can be expensive, slow, and labor intensive. Semi or fully-automated case erecting and sealing machines solve that problem. They also improve ergonomics for your technicians and save valuable floor space in your warehouse.

Printers and Imprinters

Imprinters print directly onto packaging during the bagging process saving you money while taking up less warehouse space. Some even print on both sides of a bag at once for greater productivity. We’ll help you select a machine that smoothly integrates with your existing packaging system for a seamless upgrade.

Summit also carries all the packaging materials your equipment needs.

Increase Productivity
With the latest technology


We offer on-site and remote technical service.

Equipment You Can Count On

We have long-term relationships with, among others, the following industry-leading equipment manufacturers: