Many Types of Packaging — One Expert Source

Choosing the right packaging materials is critical to your business. Quality packaging keeps products safe, improves shelf life, and helps your brand stand apart on crowded store shelves. It also improves your bottom line. Whether you’re looking for packaging solutions for agricultural, industrial, or food products, we can assist in finding the best materials for your needs including the type of equipment you use. Summit also helps you save time and money by keeping you up to date on the latest products and packaging improvements, so you can continually improve your operations.


When you work with Summit, you get access to the biggest and best suppliers in the packaging industry.

Working together, we provide you with the material you need to better protect, sell, and promote your products whatever equipment you use. Our primary packaging partners include:

Automated Packaging Systems
Sealed Air
Vanguard Shrink Films
PPC Flexible Packaging

Along with these, we also work with other specialized companies to offer you the greatest possible variety in packaging supplies. If you need it, we can source it.


Let’s discuss ways to improve your packaging operations.


Different Types of Packaging Available

Flexible Food Packaging Bags

There’s nothing more important than keeping your food products safe, fresh, and attractive. We can guide you towards the best flexible packaging materials for food products. To keep end users safe, our experts pour hours into understanding the barrier properties of all of the materials we sell. As packaging distributors, we work with multiple vendors, which allows us to find just the right product to work with your price point and application.

Vacuum Packaging (Pouches and Rollstock)

When it comes to packaging, one size does not fit all. This is especially important with vacuum packaging for food products. Our experts offer the information and advice you need to be confident in your choice of packaging, whether you’re selling meats, cheeses, processed foods, frozen goods, or any other edible products. Vacuum and rollstock packaging also ensure airtight seals for non-edible products, keeping them sterile and intact.

Shrink Wrap Bags

Shrink wrap bags (or shrink bags) protect your food products and make them more appealing on store shelves. With so many choices available, it can be tough to make the right call. That’s where our expertise comes in. We can explain the differences between products while keeping you current on the latest offerings and improvements.

Stand-up Pouches

Stand-up pouch bags have many advantages over flat packaging: they improve visibility and demand more attention on the shelves, they save you money on shipping because they weigh less than many other packaging options, and they allow you to get creative with your marketing message. Let us help you find the right stand-up solutions for your products.

Void-Fill Cushioning

Void-filler and other package cushioning options are as varied and diverse as the products they protect. We can help you save money, create less waste, and cushion your shipments by matching you with the right, lightweight void-fill options.

Autobag & Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Be sure to give your bagging method and thermal transfer ribbon as much thought and attention as your bags. Because if your use-by dates are illegible or inaccurate, consumers will avoid your products. With our automatic bagging and labeling options, clear and easy packing and labeling has never been so accessible. We want to help make your products jump off the shelves; effortlessly, and efficiently.

Summit also carries all the packing equipment to match your packaging needs, and we’re here to help you maintain that equipment.


Q: What are the different types of packaging materials?

The world of packaging materials is vast. Some of the most prominent packaging materials are vac pouches, roll-stock packaging, shrink wrap bags, and stand-up pouches. These solutions seal up products. Other materials include void-fill cushioning and thermal transfer ribbon, which provide protection and labeling choices.

Q: What are my void fill options for package cushioning?

Void fill can be created from air-filled plastic pillows. This type of cushioning is common in Amazon packages. Void fill cushion machines, also called air cushion machines, quickly create these common pillows in large batches for packaging lines. Other common void fillers include bubble wrap, paper, and starch packing peanuts.

Q: What is void fill or void filler?

Void fill accompanies your product inside the packaging to provide increased protection. It fills excess space, and keeps items safe during shipping and handling.

Q: What are the different food packaging materials?

Vacuum and roll stock packaging are ideal for food items that need to be tightly sealed, like meats and cheeses. Stand-up pouches are ideal for snack foods and help draw attention on the shelf. Shrink wrap bags can seal products of all shapes and sizes.

Q: What are shrink wrap bags?

Shrink wrap is a thin plastic that, as stated in the name, shrinks and constricts when heated. The plastic forms a secure seal around a product, and offers protection during shipping, storage, and sale.