Flexible packaging materials are typically less expensive than rigid materials. It allows you to surround your product with branding from all sides, protect it with an airtight seal and high barrier film, and customize your packaging with limitless sizes, shapes, and forms. Flexible packaging stores easily, and with resealable openings, it is convenient for consumers to use. Finally, it is more eco-friendly than rigid packaging. It simply requires less energy to manufacture and ship, takes less material to make, and sends less material to the landfill.

We are the premier just-in-time provider of flexible packaging materials in the Pacific Northwest. We also sell packaging equipment and provide top-notch maintenance for packaging machines, making us a convenient one-stop-shop for all of your packaging needs. 

Experts in food flexible packaging

At Summit Packaging, we offer flexible packaging solutions for everything from industrial items to agricultural goods, but our specialization is in flexible food packaging materials (also called food flexible packaging). We have the experience to help you source the right packaging materials that will touch and protect your food products, keeping your red meat, seafood, or jerky fresh and delicious. We understand food safety, barrier properties, and marketing, making us an ideal partner for companies looking for a leg up in their packaging process.

Your just-in-time flexible packaging partner

We know that you don’t have unlimited space in your warehouse to stock materials. That’s why we offer just-in-time delivery of flexible packaging materials to our customers in the Pacific Northwest. We can store your product in our warehouse for you. And we stay dialed into supply chain issues so that you get proactive communication from us no matter what is going on in the wider world. As prices fluctuate, we can even suggest alternative packaging solutions to help you preserve profits while keeping your product safe.