Resealable bags offer convenience and maintain the freshness of your product beyond the first time it’s opened. A stand up pouch can be sized to virtually any dimension you need. Whether it’s candy, or beef jerky, or smoked salmon, custom packaging solutions are available to you at Summit. Stand up pouches for food allow your product to be delivered in the best designed and safest packaging possible.

Working with Summit

Our packaging experts work with customers every day to accurately develop custom sizing, and we want to do the same for you. Summit is your partner for purchasing stand up pouches wholesale and connecting you with top manufacturers. If you’re thinking that stand up pouch packaging is right for your product, we can help guide you to the right style, whether that’s stand up zipper pouch bags or a stand up pouch with a spout. Our team is knowledgeable about what types of pouch materials are best for different food products and have expertise in barrier properties. Throughout the process of selecting packaging materials, Summit is available to support all of your needs.

Types of stand up pouches carried at Summit

Stand up pouches for food packaging are a popular option for many different types of products, anywhere from bulky foods like granola to liquid products like a marinade. With that said, every product is different, and each requires exact specifications for health and safety reasons. We work with multiple suppliers to access the best packaging products on the market. 

Some examples of stand up pouches that Summit has to offer:

  • Clear stand up pouches
  • Clear front/colored back pouches
  • Stand up barrier pouches
  • Metalized pouches
  • Translucent pouches
  • Window pouches
  • Rice paper pouches
  • Frosted pouches
  • Liquid/Freezer stand up pouches
  • Eco pouches
  • Themed pouches
  • Stand up pouches with spout
  • Stand up pouches with a zipper
  • Recyclable stand up pouches
  • Stand up pouches with one-way degassing valves

Taking the next steps with Summit

We invite you to contact a Summit representative for packaging samples and guidance on sizing. We specialize in custom stand up pouches, and we can help you choose the right material structure for your filling equipment and process. Beyond stand up pouches, Summit is your local partner with the ability to support all aspects of packaging needs from selecting packing materials to coordinating equipment, to providing servicing and repair. We are happy to help you find the perfect packaging for your needs.