At Summit, we get to know your business needs inside and out, so that we can provide the materials best suited for your unique products. 

What is rollstock?

Rollstock packaging creates a simple, but highly effective seal around products of any shape or size. That’s the beauty of rollstock film, there are a wide variety of films for many food packaging applications. The use of forming and non-forming rollstock film is suited for fresh or frozen meats, cheese, and fish, to name just a few. Not only does rollstock successfully protect food products, but it’s highly customizable. Want to present your artisan foods in a way that shows off the high-quality ingredients? Rollstock packaging might be your ideal solution. There are a lot of rollstock film structures available, so it’s helpful to consult a packaging expert like Summit to assist you in determining the best type for your packaging. Some questions to consider:

  • Do I need a medium or high barrier film?
  • What should the packaging look like? Should it be clear, printed, etc?
  • What will the package be used for? Does it need to withstand high heat, freezing, etc?

Summit has expertise in all film structures and can recommend the right combination of films for your application.

Benefits of rollstock packaging

If you’re looking for a consistent, clean look for your food products, rollstock film is an option worth exploring. It’s versatile and can be more cost-effective than pre-formed bags. Rollstock packaging can increase speed, efficiency, and throughput, as well as extend shelf life, so it’s an option we highly recommend to customers. For products that need to be vacuum-sealed, this type of material allows for higher throughput for vacuum packaging, gas flush, or Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications. Again - cutting down your packaging times and allowing you to increase your production scale.