Lidding film comes in a variety of styles and materials, and serves different functions depending on the heating, freezing, or venting requirements of the product. Summit Packaging is a distributor of diverse packaging materials and an expert resource for any business owner. 

What is tray lidding film?

Tray and lidding film, also known as, heat seal film, or lidding film, is a thin layer of film that is used to seal a tray. The most common applications for this type of packaging are for ready-to-eat meals or peelable container lids like yogurt. Sometimes lidding film is useful just to add an extra layer of protection for liquid products. Depending on the type of product that it’s covering, lidding film is commonly made of:

  • Foil
  • PET
  • Paper / PE
  • Other PE laminates

Our team can help you determine which material is best suited for your products, and will be compatible with your production operations.

Types of tray lidding film available at Summit

There are many variations of tray lidding film, and Summit’s experts are equipped to help you select the right option for your product. Variables include whether the package will need to be heated or frozen, if it needs to be resealed, etc. We can assess the moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) and oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of your products. 

The following list includes common types of lidding films:

  • Self-venting film
  • Chillable film
  • Ovenable film
  • Freezable film
  • Resealable film
  • Cup seal film
  • Peelable film
  • Anti-Fog film

When choosing the ideal lidding film, it’s important to keep the customer’s preferences in mind. Peelable seals and weld seals are two of the most common types of seals. Peelable seals allow the customer to easily remove the lidding film without leaving residue on the rim. Weld seals are more firmly sealed to the edge of the package, and require tearing or cutting to remove. Summit can help you evaluate what type of seal is the safest for your product, and makes the most sense for your customer.

Why Summit?

At Summit, we get to know not only your business and your products, but your values as well. We are always looking for innovative, sustainable packaging materials, and we can assist you in finding the right types for your products. That’s what a full-service packaging partner does – listens to your needs, and delivers quality products and service. We work with a wide variety of vendors and manufacturers to ensure that our customers get the right packaging solution.

Once we have sourced the correct type of lidding film for your products, we develop a plan to continuously keep that material in stock. We ensure that your business will never face a delay because of packaging products.