May 20, 2020  ·  by Greg Ong
Vaccum sealed meat

For the food industry, post COVID-19, we may begin to see an increase in ready-to-eat product packaging.

Skin Packaging is a method of packaging meat and seafood where the product is placed into a thermoformed pocket or preformed tray and a top film is heat sealed while pulling a vacuum. The bottom tray can be formed to fit any product and is very compatible to grocery store product displays.

The film that encompasses the tray utilizes FDA-approved 10K technology allowing the product to breathe while ensuring the food does not form potentially deadly toxins, primarily botulism.

The film provides an ideal product presentation, showing off the natural shape, color and texture.

There is also a level of efficiency with this type of packaging that is appealing to both clients and consumers. Our clients who utilize Skin Packaging like that they have options to use various types of equipment, either manual, semi-automatic or automatic vacuum packaging systems.

Similar to what we are seeing with the snack food packaging trends, consumers are looking for simplicity in their product packaging. The fresh, clean packaging does the selling for you.

This case-ready packaging is beneficial at store level as well, decreasing the labor involved in maintaining the fresh fish/meat display case and allows for better management of the seasonality of the products displayed.

Here’s a visual (created pre-COVID) that shows what is driving the growth in the Global Skin Packaging Market:

While this technology has been around for a while, our team at Summit Packaging predicts the post-COVID environment may see an increase of this form of packaging as shoppers prefer to thoroughly inspect the color and size of their food, ensuring freshness and overall quality.

If you would like to learn more about Skin Packaging or the latest packaging trends, contact Greg Ong with Summit Packaging.