When it comes to repairs, the devil is in the details. Depending on the parts that need replacing, there are sometimes supply-chain-related extended lead times. So don’t delay. The faster you get us on location the sooner you can expect to be up and running. We offer our customers in the Pacific Northwest and Inland Northwest three main types of support for their packaging equipment.

  1. Phone support
  2. On-site repairs
  3. Scheduled maintenance

Phone support

If your packaging line is experiencing issues, the first step is to call us (253-858-4040). Sometimes our experts can help you resolve your issue over the phone, saving you time and aggravation.

On-site packaging equipment repair services

If something on your packaging line is broken, we can fix it. We can dispatch someone from our service team to do on-site packaging equipment repair for you. Our experienced crew knows this industry inside and out. They service the following leading brands and more.

  • Automated Packaging Systems (APS)
  • Wexxar Bel
  • UltraSource
  • Mainca
  • MiniPack
  • Shrink Tech Systems
  • Leibinger
  • Mulitvac

Reach out today to get your equipment running again.

Packaging equipment maintenance

If you’ve been in operations long, you know the nightmare scenario. Your packaging line is down. The repairs are going to cost you in time, money, and productivity. Nobody’s favorite day… week…or, God forbid, month. This expensive scenario is why we offer packaging equipment maintenance plans. Depending on the needs of your machines and your budget, our preventive maintenance plans can be:

  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Quarterly

Packaging machine maintenance checklist

Our plans make maintenance methodical and predictable. We will develop a packaging machine maintenance checklist for all of your machines, visit your site on a regular schedule, swap out parts as planned and needed, and ensure that your equipment is performing optimally. Here’s an example of one of our checklists.

Properly maintained machines last longer, perform better, and allow you to schedule downtime instead of having it forced on you. Let us help you keep your packaging line running at its best.