You expect efficiency out of the packaging machines you’re purchasing. Our technical services crew makes sure you get it. Not only will they install your equipment, but they will also test it and dial it in to make sure that its performance is consistent with the ROI we’ve targeted.

Packaging equipment installation and training

Our three-step process for installing your packaging equipment is a thorough, hands-on approach that we have refined to a science.

  1. Initial equipment installation – We will install your machines, methodically run them through a new equipment checklist, and test them.
  2. Training Session – Our friendly techs will train your employees, both Operators and Maintenance staff, on the equipment, getting them reps, explaining the controls, and answering their questions.
  3. Follow-up Calls – Our service and sales teams will follow up several times after installation to ensure that everything is going well and proactively answer questions.

From initial setup to the training session, our service team is available to ensure that you get up and running with clarity and confidence. If you run into snags after training is over, our over-the-phone support team can help you troubleshoot. We’re also available for site visits for emergency packaging machine repairs, re-trainings, and more.

How else can we help?

If you don’t have a maintenance team, our technicians can take on the task. We simply set a Maintenance Agreement with you, then make scheduled visits to swap out parts and ensure optimal performance. 

Sometimes our customers have invested in packaging machines from other distributors that aren’t performing the way they want them to. Due to our Techs’ extensive experience, we typically can solve these issues as well after an initial assessment. 

Often, we also can also perform packaging machine customization to your machinery to allow it to meet your goals in your unique environment.