November 15, 2021

Q: What is iClick?

A: iClick is a promotional product supplier founded in 2001. We’re the premier agency for mobile accessories and mobile technology.

Q: Why did you initially reach out to Summit Packaging?

A: We first reached out to Summit at a time when we experienced significant growth. We were working at a high enough volume that we needed to incorporate robotic automation and streamline our bagging processes.

Q: What investments did you ultimately make after you consulted with Summit?

A: With guidance from Summit, we acquired four AB500 bagging machines. We use them in two ways: 2 of the machines are used in conjunction with hand bagging, and 2 machines are fully automated and integrated with robot systems.

Q: What was the adjustment to this new technology, and how has it impacted your ROI?

A: Summit was instrumental in helping us calculate our ROI. They worked with us to gradually implement the new equipment in a way that made sense financially, and to give us time to adjust to the new systems. The baggers got us a full return on our investment even faster than Summit predicted.

Q: What has it been like to work with Summit?

A: When we started our conversation with Summit, we knew we had to improve our packaging processes, but we didn’t know how to start. They brought in their machinery and product expertise to help us find the best solutions. The ongoing support they offer keeps all our operations running smoothly.