Summit Packaging is your Sustainable Packaging Partner

Our Vision
For the last two decades, our business has been focused on providing plastic packaging solutions for customers. In this new era of packaging, we are committed to do our part to educate our employees, customers, and suppliers about the importance of environmental sustainability. As such, Summit strives to source material packaging solutions that work towards reducing the products overall impact on the environment.

Our Mission
To offer packaging solutions that first and foremost look to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the product by offering alternatives that are reusable, recyclable, compostable, and/or biodegradable while reducing the volume of material required for packaging each unit.

{P} Provide packaging solutions that offer the most sustainable solutions.

{L} Promote standardized labeling practices to clearly communicate recycling instructions to the end user.

{E} Encourage our suppliers to research and develop solutions for efficiency in packaging design to reduce overall packaging volume.

{D} Move towards providing customers with durable packaging options made from materials that are recyclable, reusable, compostable, and/or biodegradable.

{G} Grow relationships with manufacturers and suppliers currently investing in sustainable practices and products.

{E} Endorse “return on the go” packaging solutions.


The Summit team is here to streamline your operations, reduce your costs and refine your sustainable packaging strategy.

Pro-Active Approach
By the end of 2020, Summit pledges to work with current manufacturing partners to increase awareness of a products overall environmental impact in hopes of finding the most eco-friendly packaging options for our clients.

Check back later to learn more about how our partners are standardizing labeling practices.

Industry News

Sustainable Packaging Industry Innovators: 

Summit partner PPC talks about why flexible packaging is a more sustainable option:

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Avantium has developed a process that turns plant-based sugars into different types of chemicals and plastics:

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A berry clamshell that is 100% recyclable:

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IKEA moves to a plant-based biodegradable packaging option:

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The latest environmentally conscious move by Summit Packaging partner, BMSI. For the right application you can now attain the barrier you need in a recyclable film.

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