As a packaging solutions provider, it’s Summit’s responsibility to bring new and innovative packaging solutions to your business. Our manufacturers spend countless hours on research and development to ensure our solutions are at the forefront of the industry. More specifically, the FAS SPrint Revolution™ is a proven automated solution specific to the agriculture industry. The auto bagger has many different applications, but the two featured below is the apple bagger and the automated cherry bagger.

The FAS SPrint Revolution™ (FAS) has the ability to process an average of 30 bags per minute (the overall speed of the FAS can run 900 linear inches in packaging material per minute). For the fruit industry, Soft Fill technology allows for the delicate handling of fruit such as apples, pears, cherries and stone fruit. The FAS integrates with equipment such as imprinter applications that support direct

inline printing data specific to your product; ability to print up to 10 color process print graphics. Additionally, inline scales weighing variable weights per pouch such as 2lb, 4lb, 5lb, etc.

Still not convinced? The SidePouch® plastic material bags provide optimum performance, and offer a variety of special features, such as resealable zipper bags, bottom gussets, reinforced headers, tamper-evident perforations and more. SidePouch® bags are fan-folded in a box. The side-by-side perforated connection provides efficiency, eliminating the need for costly machine modifications to utilize their value-added features. Lastly, after the bag is filled, the machines advanced sealing system ensures consistently sealed bags.

Regardless of the product, food packaging to snack packaging, Summit Packaging is your only northwest packaging resource.



McDougall & Sons from Eastern Washington, a part of Columbia Marketing International (CMI), packs all varieties of apples, cherries and pears. This video shows an auto bagger featuring the SidePouch, filling with 2lb or 4lb Ambrosia apples, using the add-on in-feed application.


In this video, you can note the efficiencies of automating your cherry packaging process. During this video, the machine was bagging between 35-40 bags per minute. Using this machine will reduce your overall labor costs and increase your ability to process fruit quickly.



This brochure provides highlights for the FAS SPrint Revolution™. For information on specific integrations with different applications, contact Scott at Summit:



Scott Hohensinner founded Summit Packaging in 1998. As the company’s owner and president, he focuses on forming long term relationships with customers and employees alike. His leadership philosophy is straightforward: foster a team of committed, talented, and dynamic people, and then support them so they can shine. Because when employees are invested in the success of the company, this carries over into customer service, which is at the core of Summit’s operations.

Scott began his career in the industry in 1981, and his deep experience and business development skills make him a valuable asset and ally to your company. As a hands-on owner, he is always available to offer insights and advice to customers.

Under Scott’s leadership, Summit has grown to be an indispensable partner to our clients and delivers results to a wide range of industries, from agricultural, to industrial, and food processing.

Whether you need material, the equipment, or technical service — or a combination of any of these — Summit provides the research, experience, and connections to help your company thrive. Working together, you’ll better understand your packaging options, so you can lower your operating costs, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

We look forward to becoming a valued partner to your company.

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